High-level Agenda

Last year we focused on the networking essentials of IPv6 in the Internet of Things...


Joachim Lindborg

CTO, Architect, SUST AB 

Carsten Bormann

Universität Bremen TZI & IETF WG Chair

Patrick Grossetete

Technical Marketing Eng. (IoT), Cisco

Xavier Vilajosana

Teacher/Researcher, UC Berkeley


...This year we’ll expand our scope to the entire IoT networking stack so you can make the right building and buying decisions.

As opposed to building an agenda around submitted papers and sponsor requests, we build the agenda first and then find the best speakers to populate it. Here it is so far:

  • Sensors & Actuators
    • Hardware: communication, microcontrollers/chipsets/SoC, sensors, power
    • Software: lightweight OS, IP stack and programmability
    • Communication mechanisms: 802.15.4 x, WiFi x, Bluetooth x, PLC
    • Topological considerations
  • IoT Platforms - Networking as a Service
    • Use cases/models
    • Differentiating features
    • APIs
  • M2M
    • Overview and state of the art
    • Its transition to IoT
  • Sensor Networks
    • Mesh under vs. Route over
    • Role of gateways
    • Backhaul connectivity
  • IPv6 Mods for LPL Sensor Networks
    • 6LoW
    • RPL
  • IPv6 for Transport
    • Addressing
    • ICMPv6
    • NDP & Multicast
    • Service discovery
    • IPv6 Autoconfiguration
    • DHCPv6
    • IPv6 QoS
  • Application Protocols
    • CoAP
    • XMPP
    • RESTful HTML
    • MQTT
    • DDS
  • IoT Network Operations
    • Management
    • Security
  • Standardization and consortiums
If you are attending with a Virtual Pass we will display agenda times in your browser's time zone so you can more easily plan to watch the conference online.


Contact us if you have any questions or contributions to the agenda.

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